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Why is building a home in Tasmania so hard?

“In Tasmanian you have more protection when you buy a toaster than you do when you build a home” JEN BUTLER

A dream shattered. The Butlers are looking for answers.

Not good enough. It will NEVER be good enough!

It looks like a decent job... but .... full of mould!

In June 2022, Labor will again push for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Tasmanian Building and Construction sector.

Everyone in Tasmania has his or her own building nightmare or knows somebody who has one.

There is no greater time for reform to the Tasmanian Building sector than now.

With 20,000 Tasmanians employed in the sector and a boom in the building of residential properties, we must ensure our industry is operating well.

We know there are many problems, we know regulation, and legislation is lacking.

With over three years of research and over 100 cases outlining the current issues in the Tasmanian Building and Construction Sector. Our files are meticulous and detail the gaps. We believe there are many opportunities for improvement.

We have the skills, we have brilliant builders, architects, tradies. It’s time to get rid of the shonky builders and give Tasmanians better protections.

Our first push for an inquiry in November 2021 was unsuccessful by one vote.

Greater protection for consumers and those who work within the industry is required.

Labor have moved a 2nd motion in the House of Assembly. Please see below a copy of the Terms of Reference for the debate.

Since we brought on our first attempt for a Parliamentary Inquiry into building the State saw the very unfortunate collapse of Hotondo Hobart and Inside Out Construction. Luckily, due to pressure we had placed on the Government in relation to protection for Tasmanian homebuilders some compensation was provided to the people affected.

We also pushed for a homebuilder warranty insurance scheme, which the government have now agreed, is missing in Tasmania and have begun consultation. We appreciate their efforts but have little faith in their ability to provide an appropriate scheme, as they have done nothing to address the shortfall in over 8 years and only since our efforts.

Regardless of the introduction of a homebuilder warranty scheme Tasmanian, homebuilders require protection in relation to defects.

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