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“I’ll never forget who I’m working for... never!”

Jen Butler MP
Shadow Minister for Information Communication Technology and Science
Shadow Minister for Building and Construction

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs
Shadow Minister for Veteran's Affairs

About Jen

“Politics isn’t a power game”
my mother (Heather Butler AM and former MP) told me when I was at Primary School.


“It’s about people. You can’t play games with people’s lives” she said “It’s about balancing what individuals want, with what is a better outcome for everyone.”

My job for the moment is to keep reminding Government that politics is about better outcomes for everyone… not just a privileged few.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not simple either.

It’s about putting your resources where your mouth is.
It’s not about getting elected
It’s about doing good.
Getting things done.
Getting good things done for everyone.
It’s not about deciding how much to spend on this or that, it’s about having ideas and sourcing ideas that will make life better for the people you represent… then fighting for those ideas… and fighting some more… fighting for funding …
never giving up.

I’m looking forward to the challenges of Shadow Ministries in Information Communication Technology and Science as well as continuing my work with Building & Construction and Consumer Affairs and pushing for meaningful support for our Veterans as Shadow Minister for Veteran Affairs.

My door is always open when I’m at the office, and my eyes and ears are always open to the people I work for. Call me, email me, message me on facebook. I always welcome your issues, ideas and feedback. It’s hard to work for people if you don’t know what they want and what they’re dealing with… and great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Great ideas are ALWAYS welcome.


Well, it’s been a pretty big month for me

with a lot going on all over the State.

This is happening: Around the state I have been busy doing media, newspapers, radio and televison, on Government Data Hack. This has led to one quarter of Tasmanians being directly impacted by the data breach.

Soon: On ANZAC Day - the 25th April, as the Shadow Minister for Veteran's Affairs, I'll be heading to Spring Bay to deliver the ANZAC Day adress at the RSL Service. Attending ANZAC Day and Rememberance Day Services around Lyons, and laying wreaths at both, is very dear to my heart and I am always honoured to be invited to these Services.

I had some great input from Kim of Sandy Bay in regard to the proposed Residential Building Miscellaneous Consumer Protection Amendment Bill. This is something that has long been needed to protect Tasmanians who contrct for the building of their dream homes. We’ll keep you updated with the progression of this Bill..

After some pressure on Government?

Currently I'm running two petitions on my web site.


Firstly I'm working with  the Labor Team to "Stop the Stadium" many Tasmanian's are against the outlay of millions of dollars on upgrading a stadium when not only are our hospitals are in crisis, but many Tasmanians are unable to find affordable housing.


I'm also working with the community in Longford to have saftey measures put in place on Sticky Beak's Corner that has already seen numberous accidents, including damage to two of the twos heritage buildings on seperate occassions.

You can sign the petitions on this page.

There’s more of course and you’ll find all the latest updates  and more videos when you visit the news page.

Here’s a sample... or two...

Door knocking in Lyons

Keeping Them Honest

Legacy Week Speech

The Jen Report     April 2023

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